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March 9, 2012, 12:12 pm
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You pay your rent. You go to work everyday. You’re faithful to your boyfriend/ girlfriend. You visit your grandma in Boca. You’re a good person. And you’re tired of being good.
Enter Evil Twin, a new monthly party where you throw your inhibitions to the wind and get stupid. Basically you come to the party as your own evil twin. If you like to wear white shirts, wear black. If you like to wear black shirts, wear no shirt. If you like to drink beer, drink gin. If you like to drink gin, take ketamine.We play the music, a mix of evil hop-hop and dark and menacing dance music. A bass-heavy backdrop for you to lose yourself and make decisions that would appall your normal self. We will have a live video artist with an evil instrument used for projecting graphic videos. They may include but are not limited to depictions of sex, drugs, and taking drugs while having sex.

Admission and booze are cheap to facilitate evil behavior. Facial disguises are encouraged so colleagues and classmates can’t implicate you. If you are evil and have already killed your good twin, you can come as your extra evil triplet$5 Sailor Jerry dark & stormy drink specials will be served at the bar from open to close to help facilitate the release of your inner evil twin.

When: Friday, March 9, 10pm-late
Where: Evil Loft, 70 North 6th Street, Williamsburg BK. (unmarked door btw Cubana Social and WHM)
How Much: $5
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Free summer bowling at Brooklyn Bowl
July 6, 2011, 6:03 pm
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Yet another reason why NYC in the summer is so rad: MORE FREE STUFF! This time, free bowling at Brooklyn Bowl. For those of us wage slaves stuck at our offices until 7, this may not be a viable option, but for those of you lucky ducks who can make it to Williamsburg by 6 pm to take full advantage of the offer, please – drink a cold brewski or a White Russian for me.

FREE BOWLING + SHOES, every Monday through Friday from 6-7PM.* Just mention “Summer Bowl” when checking in at the bowling desk to receive the discount. *Door charges for ticketed events still apply. Once the bowling happy hour is over, though, it’s back to $25 per half hour. Then you can take a break and nibble on some Blue Ribbon goodies.

Bowl forth and be merry.

Fatty ‘Cue late night and the humble pickle
April 28, 2010, 10:05 am
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Thank you, Eater. I love your Dealfeed. These late night deals from Fatty ‘Cue in Williamsburg are enough to get my patootie on the L train to Brooklyn.

Where: Fatty ‘cue, 91 S. 6th St. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. 718-599-3090
The Deal: Fatty ‘Cue’s new late night menu includes a $7 ‘Cue grilled cheese, a $9 banh mi, $10 smoked brisket sandwiches, and drink deals like the Recession Special (PBR tall boy, shot of whiskey, shot of spicy pickle back for $6), the Stimulus Package (1L Asahi, two shots of whiskey for $12), and well drinks for $6.
When: Thursday – Saturday, midnight – 2 AM

Pickle back. Photo credit: NY Barfly

Let’s talk about pickle backs for just a moment. Waste not, want not; it’s a win-win. Restaurants are thrilled to have a use for their leftover pickle juice and to be able to charge people for it. Patrons are apprehensive at first but later enthusiastic about chasing their whiskey (technically Jameson) with a shot of pickle juice. Pickle backs are all the rage. The humble pickle is having its moment.