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eBay steal: Dolce & Gabbana boots
January 28, 2010, 1:40 pm
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Another awesome eBay score. That’s right, ladies. You are permitted to seethe with jealousy. I just bought Dolce & Gabbana boots for $67.66 (plus shipping).

eBay Congratulations, Melody, the item is yours!


They may be used, but based on the pics, you wouldn’t know they’d actually been worn outdoors. Considering Dolce & Gabbana (not D&G) leather boots retail regularly around $895 to $1495, I think I did pretty well for myself. I am counting down until I get these babies delivered and on my feetsies. Woohoo! I can’t find this exact pair online; it’s definitely past season. Anyone know the name of the boot or what season it’s from? Prithee tell.

Okay, okay. So rather than just gloating about my purchase, let me clue you in on another excellent eBay find, a pair of boots I desperately want but am reluctant to buy since they are a 6.5 instead of a 6… New Studio Pollini tall black grommet boots (although I don’t see any grommets, so I think it’s mislabeled) in size 6.5. I like these because the leather is thick and pebbled, the heel is high and sexy but thick enough to be nice and sturdy, and the soles have treads so as to avoid any slippage while walking through the snowy streets of NYC. They’re at $49 now, and retail around $625. You have 4 days before the auction ends.


Forever 21 shameless in copying YSL tribute heels
January 26, 2010, 12:30 pm
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Forever 21 Jocelyn Pump

I stopped by Forever 21 yesterday after work to blow off a little steam. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine. I know the clothes are offensively trendy, poorly made, and therefore disposable, and I know that many of Forever 21’s business practices (copying designs, running sweatshops) are less than admirable. Still, I find myself shopping there from time to time because I like experimenting with new trends on the cheap, taking them for a test drive of sorts because I’m not yet ready to commit to buying the investment piece. I mean, fur and feather vests and studded leather shorts might be fashionable now, but I’m not about to drop $500 for a high-quality designer version that will sit in my closet gathering dust a year from now. Sure, fashion repeats itself, runs in cycles, blah blah blah, but do I really want to be wearing sequined hotpants when I’m 50? I think not.

YSL T-Strap Tribute Pump

What I found during my recent visit to the Forever 21 on Broadway at Prince (SoHo) were a slew of high heel platforms that reeked of Yves Saint Laurent: same towering heel and generously stacked platform, same velvet (albeit much shoddier than the real thing, obvs), right down to the vertically overlapping F21 logo on the insole of the shoe that is a blatant rip-off of the vertically overlapping YSL logo on Yves Saint Laurent shoes. Were it not for the F21 logo, I would have shrugged off the very-similar design as one that simply followed the trend of the sky-high platform heel that we’ve been seeing on the runways over the last year or two, but that logo is just too much! Continue reading

If I had size 5 feet I’d be wearing Chanel shoes
August 28, 2009, 2:14 pm
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I noticed a whole bunch of classic vintage Chanel shoes on eBay and thought I’d investigate, even if I don’t wear a size 5. What I found was a lady in LA selling Chanel, YSL, and Manolo Blahnik at very reasonable starting prices for a friend of hers who was an avid collector, and apparently, very rich.

The shoe pictured here is my favorite, but there are several listings for other designer items worth a peek.

Must beautiful shoes be so painful?
August 17, 2009, 11:34 am
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Farylrobin ElaineI purchased a ridiculously discounted pair of Farlyrobin peeptoe pumps from Clarabella’s closing sale over the weekend ($50 from $250). With a hidden platform and retro styling, the combination of black suede, embossed leather, smooth leather and snakeskin make these heels breathtaking in that rockabilly pinup kind of way.

I bought a half size up because my usual size was uncomfortably tight, and even so, halfway through my half-mile walk to work, I found myself with a painful blister on my heel. Upon limping to work, I procured three band-aids and I’m muscling through.

Oh, vanity.

Clarabella Closing Sale
What: Sadly, L.E.S. shoe haven Clarabella is closing their doors at the end of August. Their summer sale is still underway and features amazing deals on handbags, jewelry, and of course, amazing shoes from Tashkent by Cheyenne, Mariana, Marcello Toshi, Devotte, and more from $10-$50.
When: Sale runs now through the store closing on Friday, August 28
Where: Clarabella, 279 East Houston Street, (between Clinton and Suffolk streets); 212-979-0270.