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Delhi Palace veg thali, falooda, Tandoor grill
March 17, 2011, 10:16 am
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A former co-worker of mine goes to Jackson Heights to do grocery shopping in Indiatown every few weeks, and when I’m lucky, I get invited to tag along. These trips to Jackson Heights are a joy for me because they always result in two things: a full refrigerator and a full belly. After we pick up a few essentials (giant bags of spices, frozen paratha and samosas, etc.), we like to grab a bite at Delhi Palace. They start you off with some crispy pappadam and a chutney trio: pickled onions, cilantro, and sweet tamarind.

The vegetarian thali (a thali is an assortment of several dishes usually served in small bowls on a tray) is $13.95, and you end up with more food than you can actually know what to do with. At Delhi Palace, it’s chef’s choice, so whatever they have on hand that day. Usually, it includes three chef’s choice vegetable curries or roasted vegetables, dal, raita, papad and pickle served with rice, naan/poori, choice of dessert. Pictured below is the dal and the roasted cauliflower. Not much to look at, but quite tasty.

We also ordered the Tandoori Special ($17.95) which is definitely enough meat to feed three people comfortably. There’s Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, seekh kabab, bihari kabab, Tandoori shrimp, and it’s served with navaratthan korma, dal, rice, naan, choice of dessert.

Sorry for the crappy shot. Couldn’t get anything better because the plate comes out sizzling and steaming.

One of the reasons we always go to Delhi Palace instead of going to any of the other establishments around the neighborhood is because Delhi Palace has the bomb falooda.

Falooda ($4.50) is a rose milk drink made with tukmaria, rice vermicelli, and rose ice cream. The fish egg-looking things are actually tukmaria, or soaked and expanded basil seeds. It is a really interesting dessert drink, this sort of floral milkshake, and definitely worth the visit to DP.

Eat: Delhi Palace (Jackson Heights, Queens) 3733 74th St. (1.5 blocks north of 74th St-Roosevelt Ave. subway station – 7, E, F, V, G, R – Queens, NY 11372. (718) 507-0666.


Indian-spiced spinach and potato quiche
January 27, 2010, 1:07 pm
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Ingredients for Garam Masala

© Rohit Seth,

When I went over to Shruti’s the other night for her potluck, I was surprised, pleasantly, to find that she had spiced her quiche with Indian spices. When I asked which ones, she said, you know, the usual. (No, I don’t know.) She also said she had planned on using a puff pastry crust, but the grocery didn’t have any, so she just used butter and flour to make a crustless quiche, which I thought was very clever, as the potatoes help the quiche hold its shape and it’s very hearty as it is. This is not a fluffy, frou frou quiche.

I’ve recreated the recipe for the India-meets-France (perhaps only in America) quiche based on watching Shruti prepare the quiche and some additional internet sleuthing.

Crustless Indian Spinach Potato Quiche (Makes 8 dinner portions)

Ready in 1 hr 15 min (35 min preparation + 40 min cooking) Continue reading

Cooking classes at Whole Foods Bowery
January 11, 2010, 8:00 am
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I was really excited to discover a Korean cooking class by YouTube maven Maangchi at the Whole Foods Bowery Culinary Center on January 30th. I was then thoroughly disappointed to find that the class is sold out, but after viewing the menu, relieved because I already know how to make everything that’s being featured: multigrain rice, cabbage soup with dwenjang, bok choy kimchi, beef bulgogi, skewered pancake with crabmeat, and gyeranjjim (steamed egg side dish).

That said, I was also stoked to see the variety of cooking classes, lectures, tastings, and demonstrations offered at Whole Foods Bowery. Click here to see the full calendar of events. Here are my picks for January and February: Continue reading

Hampton Chutney’s got the dosas with the mostas
August 5, 2009, 7:01 pm
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During one of our weekly lunch outings, Sara and I decided we would grab some dosas (large, crispy, Indian sourdough crepes stuffed with your filling of choice) at Hampton Chutney Co. on 68 Prince Street between Broadway and Lafayette (SoHo).

The first thing I noticed was how ridiculously large each dosa was, easily a foot and a half in length of thin, crispy goodness. While it’s not stuffed to the brim (the fillings are placed in a neat little line along the inside of the rolled sandwich), the proportion of filling to the thin bread is just right.
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