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Chicken drop and other stories
February 4, 2011, 3:47 pm
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Since I began traveling in January, a lot has transpired. Here’s a brief overview:

I got swindled by a super-friendly taxi man in Mexico and now I don’t trust anyone who is too nice to me. I had a delicious chicken tostada in Tulum. I saw the most breathtaking ruin site in Tulum – sweeping Mayan ruins overlooking the Carribbean sea. In San Pedro, I had my first cherry bomb (maraschino cherries soaked for a week in 151). I went to a reggae bar and made friends w/Belizean rastafari in Caye Caulker. I got certified in scuba diving after hardcore panicking the first time I went underwater in six feet of water (I thought I was going to die). I have to sing “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid to calm myself down before every descent. I swam with a whole bunch of brightly colored fish, a sea hare (sea slug – it squirted purple ink at me!), an electric green moray eel, a barracuda, a reef shark, and a nurse shark. I went line fishing and used sardines as bait and caught the snapper we later ate for dinner. I got an official job offer from the company I interviewed with before I left. I got stranded really far from our hotel in San Pedro and hitched a ride on the back of a golf cart. They only have golf carts and ATVs here. What did the hurricane say to the coconut? -Hold onto your nuts; this ain’t gonna be no ordinary blow job. I’ve gone to sleep every night but three (including tonight) by 11 so I could wake up by 7 or earlier to dive. My first post-cert dive was to 130 feet at the Blue Hole, which is kind of a big deal. I’m still in Belize on San Pedro. I meant to leave earlier this week, but then I started diving and the locals have been so nice… It’s just been hard to say goodbye. Yesterday I dove for conch, broke open the shells, cut the adductor muscle, and made fresh conch ceviche. The conch tasted sweet like Maine lobster with the texture of surf clam. So delicious. Also, went spearfishing and fed nurse sharks with my hands from a boat (after petting them and swimming with 7 of them and a giant spotted eagle ray and a sea turtle with only 3 flippers). We also participated in a Chicken Drop last night. It’s this spectacle where there’s a giant Bingo board with numbers all over it from 1 to 100. You buy tickets to draw a number, and once every number is sold, they drop a chicken on the board and wait for it to poop on a number. (They have backup chickens in case the chickens are constipated.) You have to prep the chicken by shaking it and swirling it around so its bowels get agitated. I blew on a rooster’s anus. (Never thought I’d say that in my lifetime.) I was planning to leave San Pedro today, but couldn’t do it. It’s just too perfect here. No wonder Madonna wrote a song about La Isla Bonita. Spent today relaxing and heading to some tiny island with some locals and a new diving friend. Then tomorrow, it’s off to Guatemala by bus (20 hours of bus travel ahead – yay! NOT.)

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