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Party for good on Australia Day

It’s January. It’s snowy, slushy, and miserable in New York. But you know where it’s not cold right now? Australia. And since Australia Day is coming up this Wednesday on January 26th, you can plan your escape from this NYC winter (staycation!) and pretend you’re partying down under in warmth and sunshine while doing a good deed.

Australia Day is the Australian national holiday commemorating the arrival of the eleven British ships comprising the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788. In Australia, I understand it is a day of boozy mayhem (I say that in the best possible way). You, too, can participate in this boozy mayhem with hordes of impossibly good looking Aussies at any of Australian-themed sister restaurants The Sunburnt Cow (East Village/Alphabet City), The Sunburnt Calf (UWS), or Bondi Road (LES). (Side note: have you SEEN the bartenders and wait staff at these places? What is in the water over there?! And such cute accents. Hubba hubba.)

You may have heard about the widespread flash flooding in Queensland that has been wreaking havoc since Christmas, resulting in evacuations, damaged property, and a state of crisis. This Wednesday, a $2 entry fee will be taken as a donation to the relief and cleanup efforts in Queensland. So then you can reward yourself for being a kind and caring person by guzzling drinks and snacking on free meat pies and lamingtons from Dub Pies in Brooklyn. Doors open at NOON! Specials include $5 milk bar menu items, $20 all-you-can-drink well drinks for 2 hours, or $30 for premium all-you-can-drink madness for 2 hours.

In case you feel like being the Aussie Martha Stewart one afternoon, here’s a recipe for lamingtons for you to try at home.

Party like you’re Australian:


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