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Meatball heroes save the day
October 27, 2010, 1:38 pm
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There are few places in the Lower East Side that make me happier than the Meatball Shop. I usually go with a friend (only one – seating is limited) and get a meatball hero, a side, and an ice cream cookie sandwich to share. It sets us back around $22 for 2, and we leave feeling full but not overly so. If you have a heartier appetite, you can always get your own. For $9 a hero, you could do worse.

The hero looks deceptively small here. Perhaps it’s the camera angle. Expect an 8-inch sub on soft, toasted Italian bread. My favorite is the pork meatballs with the parmesan cream sauce and provolone cheese. It’s heavy, but it’s worth it. I should probably note here that I had a traumatizing incident involving red spaghetti sauce a few months back, and will probably never be able to look at red sauce the same way again. However, if you should be so inclined, I understand they have a delectable spicy (tomato-based) meat sauce.

Look at that cheese! How can you say no to that cheese?

I often pop into the Meatball Shop just to grab an ice cream cookie sandwich. This sweet bundle of happiness will set you back $4, and it doesn’t matter if it’s 2 degrees outside; it’s always delicious. You choice of house-baked cookies (choc chip, chocolate, ginger snap, peanut butter, sugar, oatmeal raisin) and your choice of homemade ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, mint, caramel, cinnamon, and others). I have flirted with a few of the other combos, usually seasonal, but I always go back to ginger snap with vanilla.

Just a note: the sliders are a disappointment. Each slider is a mini-bun with one meatball on it, but when you put three sliders up against one hero, the hero clearly trounces the 3 sliders. Don’t be seduced by the idea of trying three different kinds of balls. The pork ones are best anyhow. Monogamy via hero is the road to happiness at Meatball Shop.

Best part about Meatball Shop? OPEN SUPER LATE. Kitchen open Sun. – Wed. till 2 am, Thurs. – Sat. till 4 am.

Eat: Meatball Shop (LES) 84 Stanton St New York, NY 10002-1420 – (212) 982-8895. Follow on Twitter | @themeatballshop


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i agree — when i see people getting the sliders, i just feel bad for them. the heroes are amazing.

Comment by justcooknyc

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