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Learning vs. education

My friend Mike has become increasingly dismayed by higher education’s not-so-subtle shift in focus away from learning and towards profit maximization. He is alarmed by the fast-growing, already-massive amount of student loan debt in this country, and he wants us to step back and rethink why it is that we go to school, why it is that we pursue higher education – to get back to the core of it all: learning. His blog entry entitled College, Inc. explored some of the facts and figures surrounding the student loan crisis and floated some of his ideas for educational reform.

He’s decided, now, to actually do something about it all. Mike’s co-founded an educational startup called Skillshare, which is launching next month. Their mission is to flip the traditional notion of education on its head and revolutionize learning.

He’s teamed up with the folks over at The Cultivated Word to help spread the word about the looming student loan crisis and why we need to pay attention. They want to create an animated video to shed light on the issues at hand and to get people excited about learning again, not just about going to college or getting a degree.

So pledge a few bucks to help him make this video. He’s got a goal of $2,750 to hit by December 2nd. If he doesn’t reach his goal, you won’t be charged a cent. If he does, you’ll get to be a part of something good.

Follow Mike | Twitter @mikekarnj or @skillshare | Blog


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