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NYC to Maine gastro road trip (Part II)

CONTINUED from My Magical NYC to Maine Gastro Road Trip Part I.

SATURDAY LATE AFTERNOON: Georgetown > Brunswick (30-40 minutes)

We high-tailed it from Georgetown to Brunswick after whetting our appetites at Five Islands Lobster Co. Brunswick is home of the infamous Fat Boy Drive-In, which offers an absurdly low price of $6.25 for a lobster roll. Yeah. That’s right. I said drive-in.

You pull up in your shiny little rental car, park, and turn your lights on for service.

They bring you a menu, you order your food, and then they bring out your food on a little try that hangs off of the driver’s side window like so:

The low price, unsurprisingly, corresponded with the amount of actual lobster in the roll. The lobster was drowned in mayo and shredded lettuce and sprinkled with some paprika on top. While tasty in a fatty mayo-ey goodness kind of way, this was by far my least favorite lobster roll in Maine, although for $6.25, I’d eat it again. Two lobster claws – but try to think of the big picture here – for six bucks, two claws ain’t bad.

We also ordered vanilla frappes (super thick milkshakes – you have to suck extra hard) $3.05, a fried fish sandwich (EXCELLENT – fresh flaky fish in thin crispy batter) $2.90, and what was touted as a world famous BLT $2.50 – made with Canadian bacon – shown below:

The BLT was good, but I’m not sure if it deserves to be called “world famous.” That said, if this place were anywhere near me, I’d weigh about 500 pounds, and most of it would be lobster mayo, frappes, fish sandwiches, and all ofthe other gutbusting things that are on the menu for just a couple bucks.

Fat Boy Drive-In
111 Bath Rd
Brunswick, Maine 04011
(207) 729-9431

Just one mile down the road from Fat Boy’s is yet another lobster roll drive-in by the name of Morse Lobster Shack. Morse’s is clearly the lesser-loved of the two, but to compare Morse’s to Fat Boys is like comparing apples and oranges. Yeah, they’re both fruit, but they’re a little different and they’re both good in their own right. Morse’s looks a little sad and empty when you first drive in:

But don’t let the empty-ish lot fool you. This is not your $6 lobster roll. Here, they take their lobster roll more seriously than at Fat Boy’s. The large lobster roll at Morse’s is $14, while the small lobster roll is $9, and there is a fair bit of lobster stuffed into a tremendously buttery, toasty roll-bun thing, way more than Fat Boy’s though not anywhere near as much as Five Islands’ Big Boy. There was also a little more mayo than I personally care for, but no offensive lettuce or fillers. But that bread, man, that bread was buttery and grilled and so good. Three lobster claws – better than the Fat Boy roll but not as good as Five Islands’ roll – and most of the props here go to the bread rather than the filling.

But by far the most memorable snack of the day was here at Morse’s: our half-pint of fried scallops ($5.95). Had I known they were going to be so phenomenal, I would have bought several pints and rubbed them all over my body (although that would probably burn, since they were served quite hot). Rolled ever so lightly in a thin layer of flour and flash (deep) fried, the scallops were golden brown, crispy on the outside, moist and succulent on the inside, tasting every bit as much like the sea as sea scallops should. To use the tartar sauce would have been sacrilege, a crime against all that is fried and perfect.

If you are ever anywhere near Brunswick, get thee to Morse’s and order the fried scallops!

Morse Lobster Shack (and Drive-In)
18 Bath Road
Brunswick, ME 04011-2604
(207) 725-2886



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