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Sushi UO’s $20.10 Restaurant Week Dinner Menu
July 22, 2010, 12:31 pm
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[tweetmeme]Sushi UO for dinner again. This $20.10 3-course set menu is awesome. This week only!LES speakeasy-style sushi den Sushi UO has an appropriately underground Restaurant Week menu through Saturday, July 24 (closed Sundays). It’s not listed on the NYC RW website because they’re not officially participating, but they are definitely running a simultaneous promotional prix-fixe menu for $20.10, which is way better than the $35 dinner for participating RW restos. Now you, too, can dine like Lady Gaga, Michael Stipe, and Drake (all spotted dining at UO in the past 4 months) without going broke. In two trips with friends, I’ve tried all of the apps and many of the mains. And I still want to go one more time.

Sushi UO Restaurant Week Menu 2010

First course:

  • Miso consomee with heirloom tomatoes and house-made tofu. Excellent. I would come to eat this soup alone. The miso is strained to remove the cloudy soy particles and there are tiny bits of heirloom tomatoes floating in this clear broth. The house-made tofu is served cold in a separate bowl, and you are encouraged to try the consomee and tofu separately before having them together. The tofu is silky smooth and clean in flavor. More courses after the jump.

Second course, choice of:

  • Tori-ashi chicken leg batons with honey soy baste and sweet pea streusel. The menu should really read, “baton” singular, since you get exactly one drumstick, albeit a fairly sizable one, and nicely prepared, to boot. The chicken skin was crispy, the baste is sweet and salty, though the streusel was pretty much a non-factor since the baste overpowered the delicacy of the peas. This is a good choice for someone who wants meat at dinner as it is more filling than some of the other options.
  • Uni carbonara with house-made egg pasta and lime soy butter. Almost! Uni and butter go together surprisingly well and make for a great pasta topping. However, Sushi UO is a sushi place, not a pasta place, and their noodles were too soft to hold up to the dense, creamy, unctuous flavor of the uni. It needed to be a more al dente, or a tougher noodle. That said, the uni butter combo is good enough to make this dish a solid pick for any uni lover.
  • Chipotle spiced tuna on crispy rice. A bit of a disappointment. The tuna itself was fine, although I personally didn’t care for the smokiness of the chipotle as the spice of choice. The crispy rice, however, was a letdown because there was no chewy rice center. Unlike Sachiko’s, the rice cakes were so flat that there wasn’t any soft white rice in between the crispy bits. There are three bite-sized pieces, so if you are famished, this is not the dish for you.
  • Seasoned pan-roasted maitake, shiitake, and abalone mushrooms. This was easily the largest app portion. You will not be disappointed by the serving size, and the mushrooms are very good. The sauce is quite buttery, although I don’t think there was actually any butter used. Not sure if that makes sense, but I liked it.
  • Seared hanger steak tataki with tomato shiso marmalade. Like the chipotle tuna, the hanger steak is served in three small pieces. Unlike the chipotle tuna, the tomato shiso combo (more of a chunky salsa than a marmalade) is a nice acidic complement to the just-cooked steak. I wished there were just one more piece…

Third Course – all of the fish selections were fresh. When the mains arrived, we could barely believe that we had gotten all of this for just $20. Your choice of:

  • Classic 6 piece sushi with 1/2 spicy tuna roll. Sushi is well balanced with a good fish to rice ratio. The spicy tuna roll is underwhelming, due mostly to lack of spiciness and flavor.
  • Classic 6 varieties sashimi – 2 or 3 pieces per variety. Very fresh, but not very filling. Good if you want a light dinner.
  • Maguro bento with tuna sushi, tuna sashimi, chef’s choice special tuna, and 1/2 spicy tuna roll.
  • Sake bento with salmon sushi, salmon sashimi, chef’s choice special salmon, and 1/2 salmon avocado roll.
  • Mini-omakase – GET THIS!!! Mixed sushi and sashimi selection, chef’s choice. Different every time depending on what’s fresh and what the chef feels like making.
  • Choice of two house rolls – I recommend the shrimp tempura roll. I know it’s the thing that non-sushi aficionados eat, but I am not ashamed to say that I love me some tempura fried shrimp.

Secret fourth course:

  • Flourless chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and crispy popped rice bubbles. They don’t mention it on the menu, but they provide a one-bite dessert at the end of your meal.

The first night I went in a party of 6 and we were given free edamame. The second time I went in a party of 3 and there was no free edamame, but we did get complimentary green tea (that we had expected to pay for). That was a nice touch.

The service was always very good, though they have a fairly small staff. They take reservations!

Eat: Sushi UO (LES) 151 Rivington between Suffolk & Clinton. 1st Floor (up the stairs – looks like an apt building entrance). (212) 677-5470


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