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Second thoughts
June 10, 2010, 1:13 am
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I’m having second thoughts.

As it turns out, my brand new GF1 camera is defective. The camera itself is beautiful, and what few pictures were taken before the  screen went all wonky were gorgeous. Eye-openingly gorgeous. But after firing off a few shots at dinner tonight, the LCD screen got all fuzzy and staticky – like when you have no signal on an analog television – before going all crazy with the red and purple highlights and this is the picture that it took (picture of the screwy screen taken by my trusty BlackBerry camera):

Fortunately, Amazon has an excellent return policy and I’m sending it back tomorrow for a full refund. But now I am agonizing over whether I should re-order the same, or if I should mix things up a bit. The GF1 with the 20mm pancake lens is $808 on Amazon. The other contender in the Search for Mel’s New Camera was the Olympus E-PL1, which has better high ISO output, has a great JPEG processor, in-body image stabilization and cheaper lenses, and goes for $549 with a 14-45 mm zoom kit lens. If I really want the Lumix 20mm pancake (which does not have in-lens IS), I can get that for $360 more, and pay about $100 more in total ($808 vs. $909) to have a camera with in-body IS and two M4/3 lenses.

But the GF1 is faster, has a better autofocus, great HD video… It is extremely well-loved in the reviews, and often compared to the more expensive big brother of the Olympus E-PL1, the E-P2 ($899 with 14-45 mm zoom kit lens). But the E-PL1 doesn’t have the little red light sensor on the front so apparently auto-focusing in the dark is near impossible.

I want to be able to shoot food, portraits, and travel photos.

How do I choose?!


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Sounds like the GF1 has the better features. I’d say chalk this off to a rare defect and order the same…

Comment by Jill

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