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New camera!
June 9, 2010, 3:39 pm
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Aren’t you sick of looking at my sad, dark little photos of various things I’ve made or eaten? I am. That’s why, after much research and thought, I got me a new camera. Hello, lover.

Meet my Panasonic Lumix GF1, outfitted with the 20 mm aspherical pancake lens.

The most important things for me were quality (duh), a compact size (I would feel uncomfortable about taking pictures too conspicuously at restaurants), portability (if a camera has a gigantic lens and doesn’t fit easily into my purse, I won’t take it everywhere), and versatility (I want to be able to take portraits, landscapes, macro, etc.). For all this, I decided the best option would be to go with a smaller micro four thirds lens system camera. I had narrowed my selections down to the Panasonic GF1 (the GH1 is out of my price range, and I didn’t want to wait for the G2 to come out) and the Olympus EPL-1. After a harrowing research and review period, I ultimately decided on the GF1 because the 20 mm pancake lens is so darn sexy. I couldn’t resist. With the 20 mm lens on, my camera is 4.5 inches wide, 3 inches high, and not quite 3 inches deep. It will fit into any of my purses with the exception of my tiniest clutches, and I won’t incur the wrath of various restaurant staff as I fuss and zoom.

Some reservations I have about the GF1:

  1. There is no string attached to the lens cap. Knowing me, I will lose that lens cap.
  2. There is no built-in viewfinder. I’m going to Guatemala in July, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to see anything on the LCD screen in bright sunlight. We’ll see how it goes.
  3. Lack of in-body image stabilization means I have to have a really steady hand… which is not something I have. The Panasonic lenses have compensation to make up for lack of in-body IS, but as a result, are more expensive in turn.
  4. High ISO output not as strong as Olympus, which has a bigger sensor. Hmm. This could be bad for taking macro photos of food in low-light situations.
  5. The GF1 takes considerably better pictures in RAW than in JPEG, and I have zero photo processing experience.
  6. I don’t actually remember very much from my photography class in college. F stop what? Oh, wait. This is not a reservation about the GF1; this is a reservation about my photo-taking capabilities.

I am going to be learning how to use it for the next few months, and I hope that ultimately, its use will result in a more beautiful blog. In the meantime, if you continue to see grainy, dark photos, it’s probably because I am still trying to use up all the photos from my now-old Canon point-and-shoot (which has served me well, and will still be my carry-everywhere camera) while I figure out how to work this thing.

Wish me luck!


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have fun with your new toy! love your blog! i wish i was up there to dine with you… 😦 miss ya!

Comment by Alfred

Great review, keep up the good work 😀
Be sure to check out the compact cameras website and for more information, products, and reviews go to

Comment by Alex

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