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Breakfast at the Breslin
June 3, 2010, 12:33 pm
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One early Thursday morning, my beloved Meggo breezed into town from LA for a wedding. I woke up at 6 am to meet her for breakfast at 7 am, and selected the Breslin at the Ace Hotel because (a) it’s hot right now and (b) it’s one of the only breakfast places open at 7 am on a weekday that is not a 24-hour diner setup. Only the best for my Megs.

She had the frittata, which was reportedly excellent. I have one of those iron stomachs – I can eat anything for breakfast, be it ramen, steak, pasta, pizza, seafood, or, in this particular morning’s case, poached eggs with curried lentils and toast.

Mmm, curry for breakfast. The poached eggs were deliciously oozy, and the curried lentils served as an exotic and aromatic kick start to my morning. And who doesn’t love cilantro? (Pardon the harsh lighting in the photo – blame my BlackBerry.)

At 7 am, the Breslin was a ghost town. We were the first people there, but by 8 am, the place was abuzz with hotel guests and local business people trying to squeeze in an early meal. At the table next to me was a group of pretty young gals, fabulously dressed and presumably having some kind of power breakfast work meeting. They were sitting so close to us that we could hear every bit of their conversation… so if you’re worried about people overhearing you, don’t have breakfast at the Breslin. If you’re interested in having something out of the ordinary for breakfast, and you want to impress your guests with how trendy you are and be somewhere that’s not a diner for a morning meeting, the Breslin is a solid choice.


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