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Got (corned) beef?
March 17, 2010, 12:05 pm
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, all!

My days of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day (and Faux Patrick’s Day) like an unruly Irish hooligan have begun to drift into the far corners of my memory: days of yore, good times past. There is a foggy haze of green food coloring and Guinness, of Finn McCool’s in Santa Monica, of green-stained teeth and ruined purses. Dear Deidre: Please leave the food coloring at home.

This year, instead of paying $10 for each Irish Car Bomb imbibed at each sweaty, overcrowded, Irish pub I visit, scrambling to grab some scraps of free corned beef and cabbage, and elbowing my way to the bar, I’ve decided instead to bring the party home (and brave the pubs only after thorough home lubrication). Here are some tips for getting your Lower East Side St. Patty’s Day celebration going on the cheap.

Nathan’s Corned Beef – seasoning packet included – is on sale at Key Foods on Ave. A and 4th St. for $2.99 a pound. John’s throwing it into our slow cooker with some red potatoes, carrots, and onions and simmering it in beer, mustard, a touch of brown sugar until we’re ready to give our homemade Irish Car Bombs something to stick to. For those who want to set it and forget it, here is a recipe for slow cooker corned beef and cabbage. If you just Google “corned beef and cabbage,” you’ll be sure to find recipes with shorter cook times.

At 155 Attorney St. (between Houston and Stanton) is Plaintain’s Cash and Carry, a wholesaler that sells cases of Guinness – a case with 24 16-oz cans costs $39 including tax. They also sell bulk party supplies, so this is a good place to shop for any party you might be planning.

East Village Wine and Liquor on the corner of Stanton and Attorney carries a decent selection of wine and liquor, and the cheapest Irish whiskey is $28 and the cheapest Irish cream is $18. I would suggest you head up to Warehouse Wine & Liquor on Broadway at 8th St. for the cheapest booze and best booze deals around.

Get a group together, and happy car bombing!


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Yay for the shout-out 🙂 I swear the purse incident was Stephanie K’s fault. Can’t wait to try out your mentioned recipe. Huzzah for slow cookers!

Comment by Deids

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