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Venmo is hot sh-t
March 16, 2010, 12:07 pm
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I was just invited to Venmo by a friend who owed me 35 bucks, and he didn’t want to forget so he asked me to sign up for Venmo so he could send me the money right away. Basically, Venmo is like a mobile version of PayPal, but cooler. Let’s say you’re with two friends sharing a cab, and it comes out to $12 for three people, or $4 per person. No one ever has $4 in cash, and the likelihood of all three having $4 in cash is even slimmer. So one person pays the cabbie, and the other two Venmo $4 to the person who paid.

This is especially exciting for me because I have a serious aversion to large group dinners, partly because when it comes time to split the check, no one ever has exact change. (Plus I don’t like the lack of intimacy at big group dinners, but that’s a rant for another day.)

Venmo lets you pay and charge people in your financial network, so if your friend forgets to pay you, you can charge them. It also takes the awkwardness of reminding someone that they owe you money out of the equation.

Here’s a summary of the Venmo commands you can use with your cellphone.  All commands must be texted into VENMO.

1. Paying people

“Pay johnny123 10 for dinner and drinks last night” sends johnny123 $10
“Pay 6468639557 19.99 for two apples and one orange” sends $19.99 to the phone number 646.863.9557

2. Charging people

“Charge johnny123 15 for soccer league fees” will request $15.00 from johnny123
“Charge 6468639557 123.23 for November’s gas bill” will request $123.23 from the phone number 646.863.9557

3. Trusting people

When you trust people on Venmo, you allow them to take money from your account whenever they need it. It’s a “charge” you won’t have to confirm, making your life easier. You always have 24 hours to reverse any charges you don’t approve.

“Trust johnny123” will trust the username johnny123 on Venmo

4. Other commands you can text in to VENMO (646.863.9557)

“Help” – to learn how to use Venmo
“Bal” – to check your Venmo account balance
“Recent” – to see people you’ve recently transacted with
“Favs” – to view a list of all your financial contacts

How cool is that?

Right now, Venmo is invite only. I am willing to send invites to the next three commenters who leave me their e-mail addresses.

They’re working on an iPhone app now and I hope Android won’t be too far behind!


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Thanks for the kind words, Melody! Let us know how we can make Venmo even hotter. 😉

Comment by kortina

HI! Thank you so much for this post! This sounds so useful!! would it possible to get an invite?? 🙂

Comment by Eunie

just looked at your blog today for the first time; headed to Janis later to meet some friends so i read your yelp review and then to your blog….

venmo sounds cool enough to try for sure. do you have an invite left?
thanks a lot melody. great blog 🙂

Comment by spencer

Sounds interesting. I’d love an invite.

Comment by Jabe Bloom

Just found your blog, would like an invite…

Comment by Billy Thompson

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