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Tasty homemade pizza on a budget
February 26, 2010, 2:11 pm
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Jilly brought over a pre-made DiGiorno crust, white truffle oil, shredded 4-cheese mix, herbed goat cheese, spinach, mushrooms, and some rosemary for a weekend potluck. The truffle oil was phenomenally aromatic and lent a rich, lingering earthiness to the pizza that made me feel especially grateful to be her friend that night. I made a promise to myself that night that I would (a) buy truffle oil and (b) make pizza at home. I haven’t yet done (a), but I’m working on it (meaning I’ve been researching online but haven’t been able to click the “buy” button for fear that I’ll soon discover some better version thereof and regret my clicker-happiness).

As for (b), did anyone else know that Whole Foods sells balls of frozen pizza dough in their frozen food section near the pre-made frozen pizza crusts? Anyone? Well I most certainly did not, and I was giddy to find that it’s just $1.69! Since I don’t have a standing mixer (no space in my teeny kitchen for it) and I’m not about to make the dough at home, I was delighted to find it for such a low price at WF. Plus, if guests come over, I can throw away the packaging and pretend I made it from scratch.

So I bought me some pizza dough, took it home, defrosted it, and prepared to make my first homemade pizza that did not come pre-rolled, pre-topped, and pre-packaged. I just used up a bunch of stuff I had lying around: leftover alfredo sauce, fresh garlic, shredded 4-cheese mix ($1.79 at East Village Cheese), frozen spinach, crab meat ($2 from a can – don’t hate), and some Italian seasoning. I don’t know how to toss and spin pizza dough and I also don’t have a rolling pin at home, so John had the brilliant idea of taking a wine bottle and wrapping it in saran wrap and coating it with flour as a makeshift rolling pin. Genius!

Our pizza crust sort of resembled a lumpy trapezoid, but once it was topped (alfredo first, then spinach garlic and crab mixture, then shredded cheeses and seasoning) and the crust was brushed with olive oil, I didn’t care. It was a pizza only a mother could love, and I was a proud parent.

You might wonder why my pizza didn’t have any tomato sauce on it. That’s because I don’t really like tomato sauce. However, to keep the pizza from getting too dry, just add something creamy like alfredo sauce, goat cheese, fresh mozzarella, or ricotta. I would also recommend using fresh herbs, but I did entitle this blog “Tasty homemade pizza on a budget,” so unless you grow your own herbs at home (you lucky dog, you), dried herbs will do. All in all, I think my pizza cost me $10 or so (not counting the Italian seasoning I had at home) and made 3 huge helpings (though it could have fed 4 if I weren’t such a glutton). Had I ordered the same pizza at any pizza joint here in NYC, I probably would have shelled out at least $25.

I think my next pizza topping will be prosciutto with artichoke and ricotta,  and hopefully some truffle oil. I welcome any truffle oil brand recommendations you might have. My criteria? I want it to taste good and to smell good, I don’t want any of that “truffle aroma”-only stuff, and I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a 1.8 oz. bottle of the goods.


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Awwww, if one pizza makes you feel grateful to be my friend, imagine how I feel about you after all the delicious meals you make for us! *big hug*

p.s. Let’s hope that your future guests don’t read this post should you decide to claim WH pizza dough as your own. Haha.

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