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Can’t stop thinking about Miyagi oysters
February 23, 2010, 1:01 pm
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Photo credit: James Antrim, IST

Last night was much like any other: get off work, feel like happy hour, head to Jo’s. Oddly, I wasn’t much in the mood for oysters, but when we sat down at the bar, owner Jim Chu (also of White Rabbit) told us he’d gotten in a shipment of Miyagis and that we should try some.

We ordered a half dozen oysters ($1 each till 8 pm!) along with the last Meat in a Cup ($9) – they make limited portions because it has to cook for 8 hours, and they don’t make it every day so you’re never sure if they’re going to be sold out of it or not. The Meat in a cup is a metal cup of warm-ish meat slow cooked in a rich gravy, served with toasts and a tart frisee salad. Hearty + homey with a dash of acid and greens = yum. Wish there had been one more slice of toast, though, as with 5 pieces of toast there was leftover meat in the cup and it had to be eaten as meat on a spoon.

When the oysters arrived, the first thing I noticed were that they looked like they’d been taking steroids. I thought Royal Miyagis were supposed to be small and delicate. I don’t know if these were the prissy Royal kind; they were fit for the hungry laborer! Even more surprising was the depth of the shells. It turns out that the shell is quite concave, housing a deceptively large bit of oyster meat. The texture was very creamy, but the flavor was a bit salty, a bit fishy, and very meaty – all of that in a very good way.

The other bar patrons were friendly and funny, and Jim was hilarious. There was a group from the nearby Gawker offices and a Juilliard-schooled violinist from the antique lighting shop on Houston. Great mix.

I have plans to have pancakes with blackberries, pecan streusel, and warm maple butter for dinner, but I am tempted to go by Jo’s beforehand to see if there are any more Miyagis as an appetizer…


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I love your blog Melody! 🙂

Comment by Reimi

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