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Spicy tuna on crispy rice in NYC
February 9, 2010, 1:26 pm
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[tweetmeme]Of the many things I miss about living in Los Angeles (weather being number one – duh), the ubiquity of spicy tuna on crispy rice at LA sushi joints is certainly one of the most important. Yeah, yeah, so the tuna they use for “spicy tuna” is made from leftover scraps or less desirable cuts of tuna. I don’t care. It’s delicious.

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The sushi rice is molded into little rectangles and then pan-fried until crispy on the outside, which adds a great crunchy texture to what is otherwise essentially mushed up pieces of tuna with some sriracha (or other spicy Asian) sauce and a jalapeno slice.

It’s much tougher to find spicy tuna on crispy rice in New York City, and some of my go-tos have closed (Sachiko’s and Sushi UO). However, the following remain (updated 8-22-11):

  • Bond St.: Tuna Crispy Rice with Korean kochujang sauce, $15.00 – This is excellent. If you want something a little different (and pricier), they also have Alaska King Crab Crispy Rice with lemon aioli, serrano chili, and micro cilantro for $22.
  • Koi: Crispy Rice topped with spicy tuna, $16.00
  • Tao: Spicy Tuna Tartare On Crispy Rice, $14.00
  • Co-op at the Hotel on Rivington: Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice, $14.00

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Can we play hooky for a week and you can take me around LA’s food spots? Peeeeese?

Comment by Jilly

I’m always down for a little California love. Let’s have a party. Californiaaaaa knows how ta party. In the citaaayyy, city of Angels.

Comment by Melody

Hey Mel! i’ve had both the ‘spicy tuna atop crispy rice’ versions at both Koi and Bond St. Both are a must try! but then again, i dont have much to compare it to having not been to LA before. love your blog btw

Comment by Felix

Felix! I feel like I haven’t seen you in way too long. We should do dinner or drinks sometime, maybe try something new so I can blog about it. ❤

Comment by Melody

“DERICIOUS!” — that’s somewhat tacky.

Comment by Chris

Not if you take it in the lighthearted spirit in which it was intended.

Comment by Melody

Tacky only if you don’t get the joke! We Asians make these jokes all the time…to the point where the local ramen joint in my neighborhood actually purposely printed “Regurar” instead of “Regular” to describe one of its offerings (I know…I asked).

So hey—let’s all relax and eat some dericiousry cheap food.

Comment by Jilly

[…] stop: Sachiko’s (LES) Ate: Spicy Crunchy Rice (Spicy tuna on crispy rice) 6 pieces $8 – I am addicted. Drank: HH sake for me, a very full champagne flute for $4; HH […]

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I am so happy you posted this. As a LA native, I have been trying to research for months about crispy rice in NY and could only find KOI. I will definitely try these finds outs. Thanks again.

Comment by Nick B.

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who has an unhealthy obsession with spicy tuna on crispy rice. Just a tip: if you’re planning to try the “Spicy Crunchy Rice” at Sachiko’s, you can get a $25 gift certificate for $10 or less (I think you can use the discount code “savor” for 80% off the $10 which gets it down to $2 or so).

Comment by Melody

Can you explain this discount again? I’m a bit confused. Also, are you sure that they have this “Spicy Crunchy Rice” all year round? I looked on their website and, as you mentioned, it is still not posted to their menu.

Comment by Nick B.

Hi Nick – This is on their regular bar menu under “Spicy Crunchy Rice,” which you can get with your choice of spicy tuna or spicy salmon. If you show up at Sachiko’s and ask for it, they will know what you’re talking about. I’m not sure if it is listed on the full menu (which is really long). There is no discount; it’s just regularly $8. If you go during happy hour (M-F 5-7:30 pm), they do $2.50 Sapporo drafts, $4 sake, and $6 cocktails.

Comment by Melody

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Thank you! Was thrilled to discover your blog post. Visited LA a few weeks ago and my friend said “I don’t know if I should order this for you. It’s amazing and from what I understand, can’t be found in NY yet.” Naturally, I had to order it and it rocked my world.

And now, *you* rock my world for telling me where to find it.

Comment by Elle

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