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Jillian Michaels is not a heartless meanie
February 4, 2010, 12:15 pm
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I’ve never watched NBC’s The Biggest Loser, save for a few commercials here and there where you see the trainers torturing their assigned contestants with push-ups and rope-tugging and whatnot. But somewhere in the sea of information that is Facebook, a friend commented that thanks to Jillian Michaels’ workout videos, she was so sore she was having trouble chasing around and picking up her baby. A normal person might think, gee, that sounds awful. I thought, hey, I could use a workout at home that helps me burn off some of the calories from the rich, fatty three-course meals I’ll be having for NY Restaurant Week.

So I started working out to Jillian’s 30 Day Shred, No More Trouble Zones, and a few other videos (hers and Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease and MTV’s Yoga and Pilates)  in the comfort and privacy of my own home so I could be a Big Loser, too, and I’m loving her. She’s actually not a raging exercise nazi, which was the impression I got from my limited understanding of her role as a raging exercise nazi. She encourages without babying, and she pushes without making you feel like a worthless tub of lard.

I like to do the 30 Day Shred in the mornings before work. There are three levels, each around 20 minutes long. On lazy days, I do the 25 minute Level I workout; on more ambitious days I go for the 20 minute Level II workout. I haven’t attempted Level III because I’m fairly certain I would need to be airlifted to the hospital first, and that would make me late for work. When I think to myself, it’s just 20 minutes, I can be showered in done in 30 minutes, it’s easier to commit to than a full hour workout.

Still, the hour-long No More Trouble Zones is my hands-down favorite workout video. It targets all the parts on my body that I wish were a little leaner: abs, underarms, thighs, and butt. Jillian keeps your heart rate up by alternating cardio and strength training, and by engaging large muscles (glutes, quads, hammies) along with smaller ones. Of all of the workout videos I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot of them; I’m terribly uncoordinated and it puts my mind at ease knowing no one is watching me), this is undoubtedly the best overall for toning, strengthening, and burning fat.

These videos aren’t exactly for beginners and require a moderate level of fitness. Then again, you’re working out at home so you can do as much as you can handle, and it’s okay if you only get halfway through the hour. No one will judge you but Jillian.


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No meanie but still a complete whore. She’s a total ripoff of Rachel McLish someone who actually worked out and knew how to build muscle in the 80’s. Ever heard of her? Nope, probably before you’re time. “Life didn’t start until after 1985.”

Comment by James Elenrich

Don’t see how not inventing (or claiming to have invented) working out has any bearing on her promiscuity level (or lack thereof).

Comment by Melody

James sounds like a friendly, amiable, happy guy!

To continue your thought, Melody: I don’t see how knowing or not knowing about someone from the past directly relates to one’s general knowledge of history and historical figures. And James—everyone builds on someone else’s work from the past. We could probably find someone from whom Rachel derived ideas; doesn’t mean she’s a whore or a ripoff. Taking from the past and reshaping/repurposing/reusing them is necessary in human society (heck, even for ants). Otherwise, we would have stopped making more music, or movies, or…buildings. Or babies. Need I go on?


Comment by James Needs Anger Management

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