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Boho Chic for Dummies
January 5, 2010, 1:48 pm
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If you’re like me and your idea of home decorating means painting one wall (partly because you’re too cheap and too lazy to paint all of the walls, and partly because you like the “accent wall” look) and putting up some shelves and pictures, Pip & Estrella might be able to help you create the perfect boho chic look rather inexpensively and with relative ease.

You’ll need to have the basic furniture yourself: a table, chairs, sofa, etc. But all of the little details? All in one place. The concept is that you can buy the items featured in each “Buy The House” offering together for a discount, or separately for a premium (I am a fan of the framed hand-printed Batik textile). At $145 to “Buy The House,” you can get a lot of decorating done in a hurry.

Then again, you won’t have the joy of wandering around dusty antique shops and flea markets and carefully selecting your own look. Of course, you could always get it from Pip & Estrella and just say you did.


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