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Blue Crabs, Crab Boils, and La Révolution Des Crabes
September 1, 2009, 12:01 am
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La Révolution des crabes
Uploaded by kingarthur22. – Independent web videos.

My favorite crab-related video ever (with the notable exception of Sebastian performing “Under the Sea” in The Little Mermaid). Viva la crabolution!

I was reminded of this video when pondering the subject of crabs after the Monday Night Crab Boil at the Mermaid Inn. I went in with high hopes, but in retrospect, perhaps my hopes were too high for a $22 crab dinner in New York City, even if it is the rather affordable East Village. When Elizabeth told me that she had made reservations at the Mermaid Inn for the Crab Boil, I was ecstatic. As a Chesapeake Bay native (Virginia, not Maryland), I’m no stranger to the Maryland Blue Crab and Old Bay seasoning. As the daughter of my father, I am no stranger to seafood of all varieties, and I have a special weakness for shellfish that makes me weak-kneed and crazy-eyed. If I were a cartoon character and saw shellfish, I’d get those nutty swirly eyeballs.

I read up on the Crab Boil, and they promised a meal of 5 Maryland Blue Crabs, corn on the cob, and red bliss potatoes for $22 per person. We went in thinking we would abstain from drinking alcohol on a Monday night, but what’s a crab dinner without beer? With the first taste of the Old Bay, we had two Bitburgers and a Fisherman’s Ale on the table ($6 each bottle). I’d like to say we simply ordered the beers because beer pairs so well with crab, but to be honest, I think we were driven to drink by the ungodly saltiness. I am all about Old Bay, but there is the right amount, and then there is utter disregard for your customer’s taste buds. The Mermaid Inn was closer to the latter than the former, and I wondered if it was all a intentional ploy to encourage the ordering of multiple beers to quench the sodium-induced thirst. Perhaps… or perhaps just poor judgment on the part of whoever it was that seasoned our otherwise perfectly delicious beer-boiled crabs.

But let me not be a Negative Nancy. I had my swirly eyes on; I had a smooth, nutty amber ale whose bitterness cut the salt; and I had my Maryland Blue Crabs. They only gave us 4 each, and when we asked, they said it was done by weight and sometimes you get 5 if they’re really small. We had a couple of manorexic crabs (all our crabs were male, and the manorexic ones were really sad looking), but it’s not as if Blue Crabs are gigantic, so that was to be expected. We also only got 1 little reb bliss potato apiece, and a half of a corn on the cob, and when I asked for more corn and potatoes since I didn’t think we’d be full on what we’d been given, we were charged $5. Woops, sorry. I’m being Negative Nancy again. This might work better with pictures.

They bring out a big bucket filled with your crabs, corn, and then unceremoniously dump all the goodies on the table.

But they certainly are goodies…

Don’t tell me you can’t hear him saying… “Eat me! I’m delicious! It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it!”

By the time we each got through our 4 crabs, we were full and we were satisfied (although that might have been because we ate our $5 corn and potatoes, and we were also mighty thirsty and downed a lot of water). We finished the meal with a cute little espresso cup filled with a gelatinous wannabe chocolate mousse that looked much better than it tasted, and then we were given little fortune fish.

Excuse me; I meant “Fortune Teller Miracle Fish.”

My fish curled into a ball. Sara’s fish had a moving head and tail. Elizabeth’s fish might have been dead, but eventually showed some movement in the head. This was seriously a lot of fun and I took it home so I can make everyone I know try it out. I want to know if my fish will always curl completely no matter who tries it (passionate fish), or if it will move differently for different people and different times.

I’m going to save my next crab outing for Captain Pell’s in Fairfax, Virginia where I get Blue Crabs so big I think they might be on steroids and I get to drink $3 beers, but if I’m in need of a quick fix, Mermaid Inn’s not half bad (despite my whining–forgive me, I just wanted more!).


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