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Thank you, David Chang, or I heart Momofuku Fried Chicken
August 12, 2009, 3:02 pm
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Upon learning that Momofuku Noodle Bar was going to be launching online rezzies for its new fried chicken dinner (or lunch, as it turned out for me), I was ecstatic. There are few deep fried things in life that I dislike, and the thought of triple fried anything makes me swoon a little. Glowing reviews from those lucky enough to partake in the Momofuku dinner only whetted my appetite, and I suffered three excruciating weeks after making my reservation that I finally got to experience David Chang’s chicken wraps in their full glory.

We were warned before ordering that it was going to be a lot of food. Internally, I scoffed. This little waitress has no idea how much we can eat. Fool. Still, I took heed of her warning and refrained from ordering a la carte right away. You can always order more later.

Joe and Natalia decided to try something new and got the steamed buns with pork, chicken, cucumbers, and shiitake mushrooms. They said it was amazing, although I didn’t try it in order to save myself for the triple fried goodness.

And then the sauces and the raw veggie basket came out…

Spearmint, sesame leaves, basil, radishes, daikon, little carrots, and other greens I don’t know the names of. But what for?

4 sauces, clockwise from top left: (1) garlic cilantro, (2) jalapeno soy, (3) gochujang or sweet and spicy red pepper paste, and (4) hoisin or plum sauce. The garlic cilantro was my favorite. Duh.

Everyone’s mouths dropped when the chicken arrived. We were expecting two rather anemic-looking birds to come out. After all, it’s (semi) fine dining and the chickens are sourced locally, they must be small, right? Nope, we are talking a heaping platter (2 feet long!) of two types of fried chicken: Korean style (triple fried with light sweet glaze) and Southern fried chicken (traditional buttermilk).

Directions: place mushu pancake wrapper on plate. Pile on chicken, veggies, and sauces as desired. Roll daintily. Devour like wild animals.

The watermelon lemonade soju slurpees (tart, alcoholic) and Momofuku blackberry spritzers (sweet and tart, non-alcoholic) were delightful and refreshing.

After all 8 diners (4 guys and 4 gals with fairly hearty appetites) had had their fill of DIY fried chicken wraps, there were still three huge pieces of chicken left over and no one else could eat another bite. We split the $100 meal 8 ways, just $12.50 per person, plus whatever else we ate or drank, tax, and tip. Then we all waddled our separate ways, our beautiful lunch now a beautiful memory… Success!


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