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Hampton Chutney’s got the dosas with the mostas
August 5, 2009, 7:01 pm
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During one of our weekly lunch outings, Sara and I decided we would grab some dosas (large, crispy, Indian sourdough crepes stuffed with your filling of choice) at Hampton Chutney Co. on 68 Prince Street between Broadway and Lafayette (SoHo).

The first thing I noticed was how ridiculously large each dosa was, easily a foot and a half in length of thin, crispy goodness. While it’s not stuffed to the brim (the fillings are placed in a neat little line along the inside of the rolled sandwich), the proportion of filling to the thin bread is just right.
I got the curried chicken, which is like a curried chicken salad sandwich you might find at Cafe Angelique, but way better thanks to the still-warm bread. Sara got the masala potatoes with chicken, which was spicy and hearty and would make me all warm and fuzzy on a rainy day.

The chutneys (Indian-style dipping sauces) are also phenomenal. I got the cilantro, a grass green chutney with a tangy zing, and Sara got the mango, a thick bright yellow chutney flecked with spice.

Note: the leftover chutney makes for an awesome salad dressing the next day.


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❤ our foodie adventures. You forgot to mention our Iced Chai Tea.. not too sweet, just how you like it!

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