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Jezebel’s anonymous model revealed
July 21, 2009, 3:29 pm
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Every once in a while, you read something on the Internet that is so exceptionally well-written that you cannot help but take notice. Re-read. Send. Tweet. Facebook. Whatever. It might not change your life, but for a moment, it makes you think and reevaluate the way you feel about something.

I felt that way today when I read Jenna Sauers’ big reveal on She is the no-longer-anonymous contributor Tatiana the Anonymous Model.

Models, with their perfect faces and flawless physiques, hold a certain allure in the hearts and eyes of many. What is life like when you’re really, really, ridiculously, good-looking? (Thank you, Derek Zoolander.) Like other non-models, I have told myself that I’m sure there isn’t much more to these gorgeous women than their looks, more out of resentment and petty jealousy than from any factual evidence. (I suppose watching the nitwit wannabes on America’s Next Top Model does not qualify as factual evidence; after all, Tyra has built a sizable business empire and Paulina Porizkova can speak six languages). Mean and little of me though it might be, and mostly on days when I’m feeling crappy about myself and the rest of the world, I’d see a model and think bitterly, “She’s pretty, but she’s got sh*t for brains. God giveth not with both hands, b*tches!”Then I read this recap of Jenna’s whirlwind and not always glamorous life as a working non-supermodel on Jezebel. I was immediately drawn in by Jenna’s phenomenal writing, her ability to transform absurd and fleeting moments into words strung together in such a way that I chuckled aloud at my desk or thought more deeply about the incessant pursuit of newness inherent in the fashion industry. When she spoke of the models at Elite Paris and their passion for comic books and Proust, I thought, Dude. I’d like to be friends with them.

And then there were the models. I knew, when I walked into my new agency, Elite Paris, in September of 2007, that I had found my tribe. They were the sweetest, dirtiest talking, weirdest, comic-book-loving, Internet nerding, most breathtakingly cynical, tallest, hard-drinkingest, Proust-readingest, silliest, one-day-I’m-going-to-fuck-all-this-and-be-a-lawyerest, funniest, toughest crowd I’d ever run with. They were all 16 and 20 and 23, and most were amenable to staying up late and talking about Lech Walesa and the problems of teaching post-WWII history in a country where 15 years ago neighbors turned each other in to the secret police for having an extra chicken. Or they would trash talk creepy clients while drinking white wine out of 7UP bottles in the street because none of us had the money for a bar tab and the apartment was too hot. That was good, too. [Jezebel]

That must be one awesome hodgepodge of girls.

And while there will always be dumb, pretty girls (case in point: Chanel Iman’s model profile in the AW0910 Videofashion Daily on NYCTV – sweet girl, had absolutely nothing to say that was worth hearing), there will also be smart, funny, gorgeous girls with impossible cheekbones who exist just to remind us that life is, indeed, unfair. And you can’t really hate them. So make them your friends.


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Mmmelodious! I heart this posting.

p.s. You are one of those “smart, funny, gorgeous girls with impossible cheekbones who exist just to remind us that life is, indeed, unfair”.

Love you mean it!

Comment by Measurer

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