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Beyond Yelp
July 18, 2009, 8:06 pm
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Those who dine with me have oft been embarrassed or delighted by my insistence upon taking photographs of my food. It’s probably about time that I put these pictures (and the corresponding reviews) to good use. I don’t fancy myself a food critic. I just love to eat, and I like to take pictures of what I eat so I can remember the experience.

An experience with food is a powerful thing: the company, the environment, the smells, the first bite… It’s all so ephemeral. With each glorious bite, we come just a little bit closer to the end of something that we can’t pack up in a box and take along with us as a keepsake. No, I’m not talking leftovers here. I’m talking about the whole experience. When I look back at photographs of the food that I’ve eaten, I am giddy, I am nostalgic, I can almost taste it again in my mind. (And then I am hungry.)

And while Yelp, god bless its little heart, has been a wonderful outlet for my compulsion to write about the things I eat and do in New York City, I want more. So this blog is where I’ll talk about the hodgepodge of things that cross my mind from time to time that may be (but are most likely not) appropriate for Yelp.

Beyond Yelp… can I do this?


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I think going out to eat and enjoying the meal a lot of times comes down to the company. In my case, I am usually dining with the greatest little lady in the world so no matter how bad the food is the meal is always worth it.

I cannot wait to read more of your blog. It is an instant bookmark… Keep up the great work!

Comment by John

YAY YAY YAYAYAYAY!!! I was JUST going to say you should be blogging those fantastico food pics! If you ever need a guest writer, just lemme know 🙂

Comment by Marianna

i may or may not have complained about your breakfast, lunch and dinnertime photography in the past… but i love the new blog melly!


Comment by Mego

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